**  Alex's Car Care Tip Corner **

SPRING  IS HERE, *** TIME TO CHECK THOSE TIRES, GET THEM REPLACED, SALES, REBATES ON SELECT MODEL TIRES/SIZES.  We offer customers an Alex's Care Care Tip Corner, which contains information about basic car care to our customers.  This includes topics such as, checking your tires on a regular basis, checking anti-freeze coolant, recommended  preventive maintenance tips and more.  This information is to help customers keep their vehicle running smoothly and safely.   HI, Winter is just around the corner.... time is now to get the coolant/antifreeze flushed, and refilled with a 50/50 mix.  Also, replace that thermostat, colder days this winter, and WHAM!!,  NO HEAT, temp gauge stuck on cool.  Should have belts checked, as well as pulleys, a bad belt leads to failure and breaking of the belt if making noise get it replaced, probably worn out.  Don't be left on side of the road!!!!   TIRES are important, they are what gets us to and from work, daycare, shopping, kids events etc,  Come in and get the tires checked, NOW!    TIRE WEAR, Important,  air pressure,  ALIGNMENT, how your car travels down the road, shakes, veers one way or other, usually indicate alignment is out,  Tire tread wear uneven???  Alignment/or front suspension components are worn to a point where they need replacement, otherwise you wear out your tires  prematurely, wasting your hard earned MONEY !!   See us, we have state of the art Alignment equipment.  Alignments start at $69.95 excludes additional parts and labor as needed.   **  Here's a tip, your car starts to bounce in the front end, probably shocks and struts are worn out usually at 50 to 70,000 miles.  REPLACE THEM, because the suspension affects the wear of your tires, your ability to stop quickly, and the way your car handles in the curves and turns.!!

Tire pressure is crucial to vehicle performance, tire wear,  too much air tires get cupped and don't grab the road, especially in wet conditions, not enough air and steering, braking are affected, and tires overheat which can lead to failure, blow out.  It's a good idea to check the tire pressure when tires are cool, check and adjust your air pressure to vehicle recommended inflation rate. You can find this info on most vehicles on the INSIDE DRIVERS SIDE DOOR FRAME.  Otherwise 32 to 35 psi is recommended.  Also rotate tires every 6,000 miles to maximize your tire wear, have your vehicle alignment checked and corrected, this ads to the life of your tires!!  Contact us for all of your tire and alignment issues.

 *****We offer state of the art TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system, reset, replacement of sensors in wheels, re-program your cars system.  ****